Tuesday, July 6, 2010

**BREAKING** LeBron James Has Made A Decision.....

LeBron James has made a decision today!!

Found this quite interesting earlier today. Not since the debut of Ozzie Guillen (@ozzieguillen) has there been such a rapid addition of followers to the social networking tool called Twitter. In the words of Chris Paul (@oneandonlycp3) of the New Orleans Hornets, he teased that he indeed had some:

BREAKING NEWS: Gotta big surprise for evrybody on
twitter 2day...lemme kno when yall ready and want to kno the news..

Then not even an hour later.....the surprise that has rocked the social networking drones across the world had been revealed.

**Couldn't convince him to tell me which team he's
goin to but convinced him to join twitter lol...my brother from another

Indeed!! LeBron James has joined Twitter at the address @KINGJAMES. While LeBron has yet to make a posting to his Twitter account, he has already reached nearly 40,000 followers in a matter of a couple of hours.

So the question we are all begging to know now is "What will LeBron first tweet be about??"

1. Could he reveal his new destination or desire to stay in Cleveland?
2. Could he reveal some insight on how the meetings with the individual teams went?
3. Could he tell us how much better McDonalds is compared to Jack In The Box?
4. Could he tell us what really happened with his mom and DeLonte West (@DeLonteWest)?

or could this simply be yet another joke played on the mass media much like the Derrick Rose Twitter account which popped up last week for almost a couple of hours.....before being found to be a fake?

Tweet Tweet LeBron....and welcome.


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