Thursday, July 1, 2010

NBA vs. NHL: Comparing Opening Day Of Free Agency....

Thank god for social networking. In an age where you can get all sorts of information quicker than you can snap your fingers, social networking is a great tool for sports geeks like us when it comes to the very latest in rumors around all of sport. It is so great that some of the rumors do not start from writers/columnists but the actual athletes themselves sometimes. And people wonder why newspapers are is simply because the better the technology gets, the quicker the information. Most people do not care about being right anymore, it is all about being first.

July 1st was the start of both the NBA and the NHL free agency periods and using social networking I've noticed that while the NBA is making the headlines around the country, the NBA is operating like a newspaper while the NHL is all a-twitter with their moves.

Let me explain.


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