Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Should We Give A F**K When Tiger Woods Says F**K?

So while waiting for what seems to be the two hour long delay of the highly-anticipated Ronnie Brewer introductory press conference, I received an e-mail from my boss and Program Director Mitch Rosen of WSCR 670AM The Score.

The e-mail read:

Tiger may test FCC ruling.
A federal court ruling shooting down the FCC's fleeting expletive policy may have come in the nick of time. Tiger Woods was heard uttering a string of F-words during live TV coverage of the British Open Golf Championship over the weekend after missing a putt. If it stands expected challenges, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruling means no radio or TV station could be fined for such an unexpected outburst.

Now while the slip of the tongue on national television is entertaining for the minute following the actual act of vulgarity, does it really fu**ing matter if Tiger Woods says f**k on a golf course?


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