Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Is Gordon Beckham So Untouchable To Kenny Williams??

When the Chicago White Sox drafted Gordon Beckham with the eight overall pick in the 2008 MLB Draft, I was not too high on the pick because of my lack of knowledge of NCAA baseball. The only people who legitimately keep up with NCAA baseball are either baseball purists or stats nerds that hang out on baseballprospectus.com all day long. The MLB Draft is easily compared to the NHL draft because no one in the general populous really knows what to expect from the players who are selected. The NFL and NBA Draft's are different because those sports on the collegiate levels are highly publicized and watched by millions of people.

So in fairness, I did not anoint Gordon Beckham as the next great to play for the Chicago White Sox. A lot of other people did however, and that is something that puzzles me.

How can a 23 year old infielder be as untouchable to trades as Gordon Beckham?


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