Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Could The Chicago Blackhawks Lose Marian Hossa Next??

I will admit that when it comes to athletes contracts, collective bargaining agreements, no trade clauses, team and player options, and all things contracts....I am no expert. This is why people with business degrees and journalism degrees get paid what they do because for bloggers like me, I am a bullet points kind of guy. Give me the cliffsnotes version of a ruling rather than the 300+ page verdict any day. Call me lazy, call me a slacker....you would do the same thing.

Yesterday an independent arbitrator named Richard Bloch determined that the NHL was within its legal right to reject the 17-year, 102 million dollar contract of superstar LW Ilya Kovalchuk with the New Jersey Devils. Bloch heard arguments from both the NHL and the NHLPA (the player's association) over two days in Boston last week. His decision came late Monday afternoon. As a result of Bloch's ruling, Kovalchuk immediately returns to unrestricted free agent status.

The contract Ilya Kovalchuk signed is actually very similar to that of Blackhawks RW Marian Hossa. Could this mean big trouble for the Blackhawks??

It just might!

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