Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ESPN's Handling Of Jay Mariotti Incident Lacks Professionalism...


Who weeps for Jay Mariotti?

The longtime scribe of the Chicago Suntimes and current ESPN panelist on "Around The Horn" as well as his work now on AOL's Fanhouse.com was arrested on August 21st following an alleged domestic incident with his girlfriend at their Venice, CA apartment.

Known for his brash and outspoken views on everything from Ozzie Guillen to women's table tennis, Mariotti drew the ire of everyone from sports fans to athletes to owners to other members of the sports media. I have never met Mariotti although did have some small contact with him in booking him as a guest on random talk shows on WSCR 670AM. Like you I merely was a reader of his work at the Chicago Suntimes and occasionally Fanhouse.Com.

Yesterday I was outraged watching a video that was posted at thebiglead.com where the topic of the reaction to Mariotti's incident was brought up for discussion on the panel. Why did ESPN feel the need to bring up this topic with their own employees on a national stage?


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