Monday, August 9, 2010

President Obama Honors Super Bowl Champs Saints.....with ALEX BROWN??

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I imagine that the highest honor any citizen of this great country can have is to be face to face meeting the President of The United States. I can remember when my parents let me skip school just to go see President Bill Clinton at a rally for job growth in Fort Worth, Texas insisting that my presence there is witnessing history. To me it seems extremely rare to be in the same general area as the President today unless you have a lot of money to make a donation or you work for a company that the government is bailing out.

Today the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints stopped by the White House for the annual honor that the best team in American football receives. The 44th President of The United States Barack Obama (Bears Fan) hosted the Saints in the East Room of the White House congratulating the team on their first Super Bowl in team history and using the moment to state the goals of the gulf oil spill. However one thing caught my eye as I watched the ceremony tweeting on the treadmill.

What the hell is former Chicago Bear Alex Brown doing there?


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