Monday, August 2, 2010

Ozzie Guillen Defends Latinos, But There Are Flaws In His Argument..

The Blizzard Of Oz (as one former Chicago columnist would dub White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen) is at it again. Leading the hottest team in baseball since June 1st from the dead to the top of the AL Central division race obviously has not lead Guillen to believe the Sox have gotten the attention they rightfully deserve. So before Sunday's tilt against the Athletics, Guillen decided to stir the pot like he has done numerous times before by sticking his foot in his mouth once again.

Everytime Ozzie decides to open his mouth we always have to ask if he crossed the line. I do not believe that Guillen crossed the line with his comments this time, but Guillen must see the flaw in his argument....right?


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