Monday, November 8, 2010

Bears Survive In Lackluster Performance Vs. Winless Buffalo.....

Who knew a trip to Canada could be so much fun? Right?

For the announced crowd of 50,746 who packed into the Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto to see the Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills play the game was so exciting that you have to look ten stories down on the sports section of to see what happened. A match up of the for sure worst team in the NFL and one of the worst 4-3 teams in the league is not exactly prime time viewing. Interest was so bad for this game that walk up sales for tickets were reportedly being sold below face value. People in Toronto care more about their Maple Leafs, Argonauts, and how the Raptors will move on from Chris Bosh over any NFL game. In Chicago however the Bears 22-19 victory yesterday trumps the Blackhawks losing their second game to the worst team in the Western Conference, the Edmonton Oilers. By the way if you want to read how the Blackhawks blew a lead in the third period to the Bulin Wall led Oilers, story number seven of the sports page on

The Bears did win. The Bears are 5-3 and kept up with the first place Green Bay Packers who destroyed the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night. Even with a Bears win coming off the bye week, there is no way possible that this win over the worst team in the NFL is a win to celebrate by any means.


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