Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Should Allegations Sway Votes For Heisman Hopeful Cam Newton??

Living in Chicago we almost segment ourselves into only being interested in teams that play in the city of Chicago itself. By doing so we ignore the larger stories of the sports that do not come our way by means of the Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Blackhawks and White Sox. If NASCAR has an event in town, it's held in Joliet instead of blocking off streets downtown like they do the Chicago Marathon. If the PGA rolls through, it only matters if Tiger Woods is playing but it's held Medinah.

One thing I've found interesting about this city in the eight years working sports radio is that for some odd reason college football has not caught on with sports fans in town like the Bears have for decades. You would figure the same sport that Walter Payton played would have more interest in a football city like Chicago where each play is likely to be scrutinized. However even with the amount of "college bars" around town it is very hard to get people in town interested in college football. So here is a test Chicago.

What if I told you the biggest name in college football could be ineligible? What if the top Heisman Trophy candidate took money to play there, would you care? If you had a vote for the Heisman Trophy, would you still vote for him?


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