Friday, November 5, 2010

Brian Kelly Should Not Take All The Blame For Declan Sullivan Accident...

By now we all know about the extremely devastating passing of 20 year old Notre Dame student Declan Sullivan. It has been over two weeks now since this tragedy and still the investigation continues to find out exact details of what happened on that day and who did/said what and so on. So far no one has been disciplined, no one has been fired, no one has been awarded any settlement (that we know of) and yet it seems like this truly unique incident has faded away in the scope of sports in this country.

Chicago is not a college football town by any means, but this story has made its way around the country and it seems everyone wants to put blame on someone for this tragic incident. I will say that I cannot remember another incident like this in any sport where a someone is killed filming a practice in a scissor lift during a truly unique weather pattern. Meteorologists stated that this storm was the biggest storm to blast over the Chicagoland area with winds exceeding 60+ MPH and record low barometric pressures, definitely an uncommon weather pattern for the midwest and surely a red flag for anyone who works outside.

For the past two weeks I have noticed people feel the need to put blame on someone for Sullivan's untimely passing, but without all the facts how can you blame anyone? I truly believe we will never know the real story about what happened on that day, but if you feel the need to put blame on someone for this you have to include Sullivan himself.


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