Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Three Things For Chicago Sports Fans To Be Thankful For.....


The holiday season is upon us once again. Sharing good times and good spirits with friends and family reflecting on the year gone past and being thankful for the fruit of our labor and the joys in our lives. We dine on massive amounts of saccharin while drowning ourselves in the cheapest wine known to man all the while being entertained by Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys football games. Some of us get into heated arguments about past troubles or politics and some of us take time out to feed the underprivileged. In the end Thanksgiving is a time where all the troubles of the real world go away and we think about what we are truly thankful for in life.

Since this is a sports blog on ChicagoNow and working in the sports radio business, I feel compelled to express what I am thankful for in our own personal world of sports. In fact The Sporting News this past October named the city of Chicago as the best sports city using factors including each teams' regular-season won-lost records, postseason appearances, bowl appearances and tournament bids, championships, applicable power ratings, attendance and "fan fervor.

So while you tip back that fourth glass of Merlot, here are the top three things Chicago sport fans should be thankful for.


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