Monday, December 13, 2010

Chicago Bears Giving Bears Fans Exactly What They Demanded....


A couple of things came to mind while watching yesterday's Bears' 36-7 defeat at the hands of the New England Patriots. I was thankful that I was not one of the 60,000+ out in the 20 degree weather and sub-zero wind chills with snow blowing in my face from all angles. I was excited at the thought of a low scoring entertaining game because there is just something about watching grown men in tights slip and slide all over a snow covered plain. I also hoped the Chicago Bears for the first time all season would beat a good AFC team (no offense to Buffalo or Miami) because this year the NFC is the weaker conference (AFC won 30 of 55 head-to-head match ups this season).

The combination of the extreme elements, playoff positioning on the line, and Tom Brady is town........this is must see television.

However the first 30 minutes of the game left me with an empty feeling inside. The Chicago Bears were down a Scottie Pippen at halftime and the attraction of the game faded away quicker than the red yard markers on the Soldier Field turf. While a loss to the best team in football may seem like a reality check or as some players put it "a butt kicking", this game showed me some things about this Chicago Bears team that I think most fans are overlooking on this Monday.


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