Friday, December 3, 2010

Ron Santo's Passing Should Not Change Hall Of Fame Status....


Chicago lost a hometown legend today. With the news breaking early this morning that the greatest man ever to man the hot corner at Wrigley Field Ron Santo passed away due to complications from bladder cancer. Santo passes this morning at the age of 70 and will be remembered not only as a great icon in Chicago sports but a great human being. No man did more for diabetes research in this city than one Ron Santo and in the few times meeting Santo as a broadcaster/producer in this town, he was indeed as true of a gentleman as he was spoken of by all you will hear from today.

However in passing I have heard throughout this morning that Ron Santo missed two things in his lifetime, a Cubs World Series and the Hall of Fame. I understand that some people's perception of Santo may change with his passing, but by no means should Ron Santo be inducted into Baseball's Hall Of Fame posthumously.


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