Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Playoffs For Blackhawks Not Exactly A Bad Thing....


Just the other day I saw a promotion for the Chicago Blackhawks latest attempt at cashing in on the 2010 Stanley Cup Championship. A 224 page hardcover book with a DVD included entitled "One Goal Achieve: The Inside Story of The 2010 Stanley Cup Champions" for the low low price of only $39.95. Of course as I was reading the text on the screen, Blackhawks color commentator Eddie Olczyk said the product is temporarily SOLD OUT and get your orders in now so you can receive the product as soon as it becomes available again. I thought to myself two things when I heard what "Eddie O" was telling the viewing audience:

#1 - WOW...sold out. People continue to buy anything associated with Blackhawks.

#2 - What would the inside story of this years' Chicago Blackhawks team be?

Right now the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks would make the postseason but only as the 8th seed. Now in the NHL (for those of you that do not know) it is not about where you are seeded but just getting into the playoffs. For instance, since the last NHL lockout there have been three teams that ended up as eighth seeds and advanced at least one round including the 2006 Edmonton Oilers who made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals only to lose to the Carolina Hurricanes. Being an eighth seed is not necessarily a bad thing in the NHL playoffs, but missing out the NHL playoffs is even worse when over half the teams in the league make the postseason.

As magical as the Chicago Blackhawks of 2010 was, it is not a bad thing if the 2011 version does not get a chance to defend Lord Stanley's Cup.


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