Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Julius Peppers Not Worthy Of NFL Defensive MVP Honor In 2010.....


I am truly blessed to have the honor of working with two of the city's great sport minds in Mike Mulligan and Brian Hanley producing The Mully And Hanley Morning Show on WSCR 670AM The Score. Both are long time sports writers for the Chicago Suntimes covering each of the five pro teams in town and some of the college programs in our area. This is by no means a "fluff" piece about the show I work on or the radio station I work for, but on occasion Mully pens a piece that gets me thinking, and today is a day that I need to disagree with my colleague.

In today's Chicago Suntimes Mully writes that Julius Peppers deserves the NFL Defensive Player Of The Year Award which is handed out after the conclusion of the Super Bowl. The award which is voted on by a collection of 50 sports writers and broadcasters at the end of the regular season going to the one man who is considered the league's most outstanding defensive player. Winners in the past have included the names of Taylor, Lewis, Singletary and last year Charles Woodson taking home the award.

Although Mully states that Peppers deserves the award, common sense says a different thing.


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