Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is Lovie Smith The NFL Coach Of The Year???


The Chicago Bears are 9-3. Make no mistake about it, the Chicago Bears so far in 2010 has proved all the doubters wrong. What nine wins does in this town is switch the conversation from are they legit to how far can they go. When people spoke of the Chicago Bears this time last year it was all about change, who needs to go, and if Bill Cowher would consider coming back to coach in the NFL.

What a difference one year makes.

Now there are still some doubters out in the realm of Chicago sports waiting for the next loss to rehash discussions of old, but the facts are the facts. The Chicago Bears at 9-3 with four tough games left on the schedule are sitting pretty for a very good playoff spot in the NFC. While at times I have doubted the legitimacy of this team myself, they have proven to me that with that defense and outstanding special teams play with consistent balance and no risk taking on offense.....they could make some noise in the NFC playoffs.

The question that has to be asked is who to give credit to this dramatic turnaround of events? Of course you could look at the new additions on the coaching staff as well as players like Julius Peppers. However like last year, the Bears' failures fell on the shoulders of public enemy number one in Chicago in Lovie Smith. While he may get no credit from some skeptics, is Lovie Smith the coach of the year in the NFL?


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