Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tom Ricketts Delaying The Inevitable For The Chicago Cubs......


Sometimes we just cannot stop the inevitable. It is human nature that everything cannot last forever and sometimes you just have to let go and accept change. For instance people who never wanted a cell phone or a pager insisting that their privacy is of the most importance now own the fanciest IPhone available. Those who hold onto a car they have had for decades because it still runs realize that the day is coming where they must upgrade to a fancier ride with that Sync technology that confuses them. I have never been able to grasp the concept some have in this city for a certain baseball stadium on the north side of town called Wrigley Field.

Now before you say:

"Well Rock, you used to be a White Sox fan so your view is a little biased."

Hear me out.

With the recent proposals by the Ricketts family where they want your tax revenue (Cubs fans) to pay for renovations to their purchased property (Wrigley Field), why cannot we all just admit to ourselves that repairing Wrigley Field is only delaying the inevitable?


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