Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bears/Packers Week.....Heated Rivalry? Really?

When Lovie Smith was hired, he had 3 main goals as head coach of the Chicago Bears. The first and foremost goal for his tenure is to beat the Green Bay Packers. Not win a division...that was #2. Not win a Superbowl...that was #3. The Packers were public enemy number one on Lovie mind, but are they one yours?

My argument should be prefaced that I grew up in Dallas in the 1990's, so maybe my argument doesn't hold any water because of that. I didn't grow up to hate the Pack. I didn't grow up loving to hate that #4 in green and gold that I saw twice a year. I grew up watching from a far rooting but not indulging myself in the Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers rivalry discussion.

I just don't see the heated rivalry anymore. Bears/Packers to me in just a division game just the same as if they were playing the Lions. All the one liners, all the insults, all the other crap that comes with the Bear/Packers week is just not appealing nor seen in my Chicago sports view. Do Packer fans really hate the Bears? Do Bears fans really hate the Packers?

I just don't see/hear/smell/taste that bitter black and blue division rivalry with Chicago/Green Bay. Even now with a franchise quarterback in Chicago, do Packer fans have it out for Jay Cutler? I don't think so.

There is no more Favre, there is no more Ditka (for a long time now....drop it meatballs). There is no Nitschkie, there is no Butkis. Lombardi and Halas are both gone too. Both stadiums have been extremely renovated, one looking like a UFO crashed into it.

What you have is Urlacher/Driver....Cutler/Rodgers.....Forte/Hawk. Does it drum up past feelings of bitter ice in your veins hate?? Nope.

This weekend....enjoy the opening night for what it is.....just another football game. Thank god it's back!


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