Sunday, September 20, 2009


Once again the ugly head of the social networking site Twitter has caused some trouble once again this week. Not only did we have our first fine in the NFL for tweeting inside the 90 minute window pregame, but we got some very interesting comments from one Oney Guillen.....the son of White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.

Here's a little sample of what was on Oney's mind during the 14 inning loss to Seattle last Thursday.

" If we don't win this game. Its over beyond over."

" Sox nation don't get excited.... Looks like were sinking faster then the titanic."

" U blow. Save and the game, and ur ****ing laughing ur ass of for 6 innings? Have some ****ing pride disgusting. He gone." - I assume Bobby Jenks he's talking about here.

" I'm sure the flight back home will be pleasant.. Dead men don't care so much... Players don't."

" What this team does best drink."

Now while I appreciate his honesty, of course this was not looked good upon by the Chicago White Sox organization. Would you like one of your own talking crap about the product you put out there for the public to see. The twitter account as you would suspect has been deleted, but the question is why?

Twitter and other social network sites should be welcomed by organizations. It's an easy way for people to communicate their thoughts and feelings with no middle man, no cliche, no PR.....just raw P2P (peer to peer).

As a sports fan, I hate the cliche. I hate the generic crap you get year in and year out from players to managers to front office people. Twitter allows the fans to read about what's really going on. It's instant access and I don't quite understand why professional teams aren't more welcoming to the fact that fans want the truth as opposed to what they get already. It's so simple to use and it provides you an outlet that you can't get in your local newspaper, national magazine, or Internet blog. It's real time access to your favorite players, coaches and fellow fans.

While the White Sox frowned on what Oney did....I welcome that kind of feedback. That's the inside access I want from a fan. I want to know the inner emotions of what the players are feeling. I want to know if anyone has a beef with someone else. Open the doors for could lead to not only great conversation w/fans, but also added attention to your team and sport. The more you branch out for your fan base, the better it makes your club.

Embrace the future! Stop living in the past!


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