Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have this problem and I'm hoping you have the same issue or at least have some advice for me as I search for the cure. It's not an actual disease although my wife would beg to differ. It's nothing that a cream, pill, or liquid can fix although if all three of those were used'd be one fun night.

I'm a Chicago sports fan and with that I have this issue where I know I want my teams to win, but in the end I always expect defeat. I want to root root root for the White Sox, but I know they're a sub .500 club with a chemistry problem. I want to BEAR DOWN CHICAGO BEARS but I see the gaps in the WR positions and in the secondary. I want to sing loud and proud HERE COME THE HAWKS this upcoming season, but the name Huet on the back of the #39 jersey make me long for "The Bulin Wall." I wanna relive the glory days of MJ/Pippen/Rodman....but now it's Rose/Tyrus/Deng....ugh!!

Not rooting for the Cubs. In the words of Samurai...."Can't do it."

The fact that in my twenty eight years, I've seen eight titles won in this town among three teams. Look at this way, without possibly the greatest athlete to ever live in MJ...that's a measly two titles for our Chicago sports teams. Believe me, I'm not complaining....but 2?? One being of course the 1985 Chicago Bears who are still milking that cow 24 years later, and of course the 2005 Chicago White Sox who gave so many (including my father) the right to die in peace because they've seen the promised land.

For as large and attractive of a market as Chicago is, this is somewhat bother some that of 5 professional teams in town, we can only muster playoff appearances and not titles. It makes me think that there's something wrong with the mentality of people in this town that simple steps to greatness are treated as divine.

For example, you know Sox fans were pleased last season winning game 163 and backing into the playoffs facing the eventual AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays. Cubs fans were singing all down Waveland the greatness of Lou Piniella and the 2008 Chicago Cubs, only to fall flat on their faces against Uncle Joe and the LA Dodgers. Bulls fans were stoked that Kevin Garnett was out for the first round of the playoffs, but yet again....the Chicago team can't close the door. We had a Chicago Bears team finish 9-7 and the head of the ship called the team "close." CLOSE TO WHAT?? Then you have Red Rising on the west side....great run but yet again falling short.

Hope is eternal, but yet pessimism runs rampant in me. I expect the worst of everything dealing with Chicago sports now. It's not only infected my expectations for this coming Bears season, but it's already got me worried about the Blackhawks and their return next month.

Granted I'm no longer a "fan" as it's classified because when you work in the environment I do, you can't be. However optimism for our Chicago sports teams for me is at an all time low. I need that light in the dark, I need that shining beacon of hope. I just can't find it.

I wonder however if I'm singled out (bad show) in this disease. Am I a one in a million case or are you the same way? How do we (as fans) fix this issue to where the level of excitement is renewed and where it should be?

WHY ME?? WHY!!!???

p.s. - A Big Announcement Coming Soon To The Rock Report!!!  Stay Tuned

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