Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jay Cutler Has Officially Arrived...


When the Chicago Bears decided to mortgage their future to go out and get Jay Cutler from Denver this past summer, like everyone else (namely 97% of the city) I was stoked about the possibilities. The Bears FINALLY when out and got a legit number one franchise type QB and it wasn't through the draft where projections about the top quarterbacks every year are normally proven wrong by the second or third year after wards.

For all the talk that Cutler was 17-20 in his short stint as a Bronco. For all the naysayers that said how can Bears fans be excited when Cutler himself has never smelled the postseason. How can Bears fans be legitimately excited about this young, brash, cocky QB that basically whined his way out of playing for fine organization like the Denver Broncos?

I wonder if the "haters" are still spreading their "hater-ade?"
Through the first 3 games of the season going on the road to Green Bay for a prime time ticket, facing the defending champs at home, and going to possibly the toughest place to play in the NFC.....the Bears are 2-1. YEAH!! 2-1!! Can you believe it?

The best part about the whole deal is for a franchise that has had lackluster quarterback play since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, Cutler has done the impossible.

For all the talk this past off season about improving at the wide receiver position, Cutler has made guys who never caught a ball in the NFL household names around fantasy leagues. I couldn't believe it this week when in my ESPN fantasy league I was going up against a rookie from Abilene Christian University named Johnny Knox.

The combo of Devin Hester and Earl Bennett (yes....Earl Bennett) has looked pretty solid so far as well. You add in the young Johnny Knox with a solid tight end in Greg Olsen and SO FAR you have yourself one decent passing attack. Who knew?

You would figure if the Bears can start getting their running attack in gear (Matt Forte: 150 yards rushing {27th among NFL RB's})....the Bears play action could be dangerous.

Jay Cutler is doing the impossible. He's single handily making this offense comprised of receivers that no other team in the NFC North would start into legit weapons in a Ron Turner offense. Cutler has changed his image from the pouty big mouthed kid into a bad ass blue collar quarterback. Quickly he's made the rise from being called a "baby" into being called a "leader."

If you're not on the train already. If you still don't believe. If you still have doubts about #6. If you still drinking that fruit punch flavored hater-ade.

Your loss will be greater than any by the Bears this season.

Welcome to Chicago Jay Cutler. You've officially arrived.



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