Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The (possible) Greatest Rematch Of All Time

Ladies and gentlemen....let's get ready to RUMMMMBLLLLEEEEEE!!!

Utah Flash (NBA DL) owner Brandt Andersen has decided to give the fans what they want to see.  The rematch of all rematches.  The brawl for it all.  The thrilla in Mormon-villa.

In one corner, you have the forty-fifth pick overall from the 1993 NBA draft in Bryon Russell (NOT BYRON....BRYON).  A 13 year veteran of the NBA now currently playing in the IBL (International Basketball League) for the Los Angeles Lightning.  He stands 6'7 and weighs in at 245 pounds.  Averaging 11.8 pts/game for the current IBL champs, at age 38 Russell's passion for the game seems to have no end.

In the other corner is possibly the greatest professional athlete of all time.  The 3rd pick in the 1984 NBA draft of the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan has gone on to win a total of 6 NBA championships (2 three peats) as well as becoming the 3rd all time scorer in NBA history.   A 14-time all star, 5-time MVP, 6-time NBA Finals MVP, 1984 rookie of the year....he was recently inducted into the NBA hall of fame.  Known for his appearances in commercials for Gatorade, Nike, McDonalds, Hanes and many many more.....he's is considered one of the most recognizable athletes around the world.  Currently Jordan is the Managing Member of Basketball Operations for the Charlotte Bobcats.

That's right....Russell/Jordan.  I WANT TO SEE THIS!!!

After M-Jeff decided to rant and rave like a complete idiot about all the people who doubted him at his hall of fame speech, let's put some money where his mouth is.  He basically said he'll take on Russell again anytime he's got shorts on.  Russell then responded by saying he'd love to play Jordan anytime in one-on-one.   Now we get an owner of an NBA DL team that wants to put up the money for charity to see the event take place.

I'm all for it.  Let's find a way to put this together.  This could be a money maker for everyone from cable TV to Nike to Hanes to Viagra.  Think about it.  The draw worldwide for Michael Jordan is still huge and undeniable.  He's the Brett Favre of basketball because every time he came back to try basketball....sellouts everywhere he went, and people tuned in.  The interest is there, and I'd surely watch as well.

Let's even dress it up a little bit.  Let's do it at Rucker Park in Manhattan with a drawing for people to come out and watch live.  You could sell raffle tickets and pick numbers for those lucky bastards to go see it.  Then on top of that, sponsor everything the combatants wear from jerseys to shorts to socks.  Then put it on PPV, charge people 29.99 per viewing....that would make millions.   It would trump any WWE/MMA/UFC/Boxing event ever broadcast on PPV.

I'm telling you.....this can work!  It should work!

Jordan v Russell



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