Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is Manny The Greatest To Ever Wear A White Sox Uniform?


Who doesn't love a good barstool sports debate?

Now that the hype for Manny-pa-looza is over and we can move on to how Manny will fair in his 30 day trial with the White Sox, it's time to debate where Manny Ramirez fits in White Sox lore. As I was enjoying my daily workout at the YMCA and the picture after picture of Manny popped up on Sportscenter, I got to thinking if he is the greatest player ever to wear the Chicago White Sox jersey. While some may say without question he is not because he has not swung a bat for the White Sox until this afternoon, consider the greats of the game simply to play for the White Sox organization.

There is an extreme difference in debating who is the greatest White Sox of all time, and the greatest ever to wear the uniform. You can thank Curt Flood for starting these types of arguments. However using the argument of greatest players ever to wear the White Sox uniform, is "Manny Being Manny" the greatest of them?


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