Saturday, November 29, 2008

Charlie Weis: Big Bust or Just Big

I'm not one to sit down on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and plop my fat ass on the couch with a subway sandwich and turn on the good ol NBC and watch Notre Dame football. I didn't go to a major university nor do I root for an inparticular 4 year school. I root for the Longhorns and any team from TX if they're playing for a major championship. Sue me!!!
I however am fascinated with the whole Charlie Weis debate the past couple of weeks. For those that don't know, aparently after 3 full seasons, 2 bowl appearances, and an overall winning career record of 28-20....that's all ND fans can take. Who can remember 3 years ago following a 9-3 debut season and a Fiesta Bowl loss to Ohio State....ND thought it'd be a great idea to lock up Charlie for 10 years and a grand total of 30-40 million dollars.
Now keep in mind this contract followed a season where not one player was recruited by the new head coach, and he basically implemented his system of offense and applied it to the talent that already had because of former head coach Ty Willingham.
People always bring up the history and tradition of the "Domers" and from an outsider to the sport....I can't remember the last time I said....Notre Dame, that's a winner!!! This is a program that hasn't won a bowl game since 1994, won only 2 national titiles in the last 30 years and have gone through 6 head coaches since their last bowl win. However everytime I hear someone talk about the "disappointment" that Charlie Weis has been....I look at those stats I just provided and don't understand exactly why the bitching.
This man consistantly has had top 10 recruitment classes in his 4 years at the helm and yet fans want his pink slip. Weis has brought attention, money and endorsements than Notre Dame wouldn't have seen with Ty Willingham or any other possibile head coach. Weis bring in something that the college ranks hasn't seen.....NFL experience and super bowl success.
So, should Weis go?
I say no, because you've got to look at the overall picture rather than the last 2 years. The University said to it's fans/players/alumni that this guy is the answer to get Notre Dame back to that "greatness." Yes, it's alot of money and there is little reward to the program so far, but you have to believe that 3 super bowl rings means something. You have to believe that his presence demands respect in the recruiting ranks. You have to believe that his record on recruiting will continue and the top recruits will play for the Golden Dome. If there is anytime a University should stand behind it's investment....this is the time for Touchdown Jesus to stand behind (and believe's easy) Charlie Weis.
So the real question is......does Notre Dame believe??
You gotta have faith.

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