Saturday, November 29, 2008

The NFC North Doesn't Deserve A Playoff Spot....Here's Why

So if you look at the playoff possibilities as a whole at this moment.....this is how it would look.

EAST: New York Giants 10-1
SOUTH: Tampa Bay 8-3
WEST: Arizona Cardinals 7-5
NORTH: Chicago Bears 6-5
Wild Card Possibilities:
Carolina Panthers 8-3
-Dallas Cowboys 8-4
-Washington Redskins - 7-4
-Atlanta Falcons - 7-4
-Minnesota Vikings 6-5
-New Orleans Saints 6-5

Here's what is wrong with this picture....The Bears have a worse record than 4 teams bidding for a wild card birth and yet if the Bears were to get in to the playoffs with a worse record than the 2 teams that make the wild card....the game would be at Soldier Field.

The NFC North doesn't deserve a team in the playoffs this season, between a horrible team in Detroit, a Green Bay team that doesn't know how to play against anyone except their own division, and a Minnesota franchise that hasn't had a real QB since the Randall Cunningham days....the Bears certainly shouldn't be the answer to represent the division.

Can't the NFC North just vote present rather than represent a bad division in the postseason of the league. There is a possibility that 3 teams from the NFC East (best division in NFL) could have a better finishing record than the winner of the North. All sports should look at the example this year shown by the NFL and the NFC North of how not to have your playoff standings run.

I suggest this.....have the top 6 records in the league be represented in the playoffs. Period. Is it that hard to put the best against the best? I don't think so...that way you'll have the best talent in the best part of your overall season....the postseason. Here's another great have a 16 week schedule in the NFL....and you have 32 teams in the league....why not have one team play the other 15 teams in the conference once and then have a "rivalry" week in the middle of the season where each team plays it "arch rival" that way you'll still get the whole rivalry thing going with Bears/Packers....Raiders/Chiefs.....Cowboys/Eagles.....etc.

Am I totally off base here with my thoughts?? I don't think so. That way instead of a guaranteed 2 wins against're playing everyone in the conference. Kinda like AL/NL in baseball. I like the idea and think the NFL should look into it. That have the best of the best from your conference represented in the Super Bowl.

This year however is a blemish on how playoffs should run if the winner of the North has a worse record than the 2 wild card teams. It shouldn't be allowed and in the end, it's not the best the NFL can provide to it's fan base. It'll be disappointing.


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