Saturday, November 15, 2008


As some of you may know, I am a frequent surveyour of the message board SCORE670.COM. Some posters of the message board have posed the question of "Why doesn't the score utilize this tool (the message board) as an interactive contribution to the program itself?"
A very valid question if you ask me.....and here's your answer.
People have egos....and they don't like it when they get criticized. I myself am guilty of this too....not as far as some....but I have been caught in the whole "GET PISSED OFF WHEN YOU GET CRITICIZED" mood.
There are "host(s)" around the station that don't necessarily like the instant uncensored feedback of their listening audience. What I find funny about the whole thing though is that even if they don't like the fact that people aren't kissing their ass all the time saying "you're the best" "I love your show" "I can't go on without hearing that murph drop"........they still have a glimmer of hope that they'll check it out on their own time (sometimes while on the air) and see that people love them.

Does every host have to be loved and adored by everyone? Hell....if I think something is fucking horrible as shit....I either mention it or stop listening/watching it.
The reason why we "SCR" doesn't use the message boards as a contribution tool is that they don't want criticism.....OF ANY KIND!!!
Yes....we want to be loved, adored, cherrished....told that our shit don't stink and the world revolves around us. If we are to be mocked and've probably heard this before...."Bunch of guys sitting in their underpants with nothing better to do."
For all who read this post......and for all who don't like hearing from your true listeners.....MAN UP!

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