Sunday, November 30, 2008


A secret has been making its way around the Chicago sports landscape, and I'm not sure if you know about it yet. So, put your eyes on this and read it may shock may confuse you....hell, it could kill you to think that....

"The Blackhawks Are Good This Year"


No kidding!!! The Hawks currently are the 7th seed in the Western Conference and quite frankly have just gotten back off a very successful west coast road trip. But does anyone notice? I doubt it.

From the front pages of our sports sections....nope.

From the little attention paid to them with bad bulls basketball and a mediocre bears team....nope.

Does anyone care about the fact the once "WORST ORGANIZATION IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS" finally has something going in this town??

Apparently not...but why?

Is it the fact that it's hockey and little to none of the Chicago sports fans in this town follow hockey like they do the other major sports.

Is it the fact that the media for the longest time has put the Hawks on the preverbial back burner since the "IRON FIST" of Bill Wuertz was around.

Or is it the fact that Chicago is Cubs/Sox/Bears and nothing else.

The Bulls are even begging for attention......CAN WE GET SOME INSIDE SCORING PLEASE!!!!

The story of this winter may be some big move made by the Cubs or Sox in the free agent/trade market. It may be that the Bears somehow someway find a place in the NFC playoffs and maybe make some noise. It may be that we see the progression of Derrick Rose and watch a young 20 year old kid blossom into an NBA superstar.

But for now....people should start paying attention to the Chicago Blackhawks, because there is a quiet noise that come April could be a loud ringing BANG!!!

Chicago....say it with me.....GO HAWKS!!!!


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