Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eddie And Jobo GONE!!!! The Trend Continues....

WELCOME TO THE PPM WORLD!!!! News yesterday from down the hall.....Eddie And Jobo are no more. After almost 20 years of holding down morning drive on WBBM 96.3FM (B96) in Chicago....the duo along with their 2nd co-host Erica Cobb were dismissed with pay. They will be paid for the remainder of their contracts but will no longer be permitted to air a show on B96 airwaves.

Now....why would B96 fire a staple of Chicago radio for the last 20 years on a station that a lot of people I know listen to?

#1 - MONEY

In the economic times we're in, let's face it....CBS was spending over 3+ million on this threesome to drive in ratings and revenue. With advertising revenue dwindling into the red each quarter and no one wanting to spend big money's hard to pay people big big big bucks with little return. More on the "return" in a bit.


The 3,000,000+ dollar machine of the"Eddie And Jobo Show" finished 11th in the last October PPM monthly report in their key demo of 18-34 Adults and 9th in 18-34 women. If you were paying people big money and got that kind return....what would you do?

Just like everything else......change needs to happen for progress to be made. The old model when it comes to PPM doesn't work. This is a new school way of measuring an old school product. At the Score for example, we always used to count on our base core audience and really never reached out and tried to grab new listeners. Now with can't rely on the "base" to make sure your top paid talent is on the air. Broadcasting firms are tightening the belt left and right and cutting costs wherever they can with the least amount of causalities as possible. You can't pay people like you used to back in the day, upwards of millions of dollars for what? Losing ratings, less revenue, and an overall bad situation for the station. PPM is useful in gaging what works and doesn't work.. Eddie And Jobo.....god bless em for their years....but it's now the age of quick rapid response and action. People in radio that are able to hold jobs for longer than 10 years at one now part of the past. Sure people will argue PPM is no better than Arbitron....but right now it's the standard.....and Eddie And Jobo didn't meet it.

I've never really listened to E&J.....but I value the fact that they were able to do what they wanted to do for so long.....they valued their craft and enjoyed what they did. Good Luck to Eddie And Jobo, I'm sure we'll catch em on an internet radio station near you.


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