Thursday, November 20, 2008

LARS ULRICH: "Metal Is Like Herpes....It Never Goes Away"

My daily passing by pointed my attention to this. The internet site sat down with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and posed the question:
"What Is It About Heavy Metal That Is So Appealing To Fans?"

Ulrich's response caught my eye when he said that:
"There's a timelessness to metal, because it sits so outside of fashions, it sits outside of waves of popularity and ins and outs and all that kind of stuff, because it sometimes is, especially by the general mass media, is kind of considered the ugly stepchild or something like that, the urrgghhh, all the smelly heavy metal kids. It's like, because we're not ever associated with anything that's en vogue, or you know, that it just continues and it's just like herpes or something; it never goes away!"

So it got me to thinking, what are some other things in life that are like herpes.....that no matter what you do or say will never go away. Here's what I came up with, let me know if you agree.

1. Boy matter how shitty their music may be to the human ear.....young hormonal girls will flock to lick the sweat off their feet just to pass out in awe of lip-syncing buffoons.

2. The Fox News Channel - The word "news" when it comes to Fox is already misnomer....cause they don't cover "news." Then again.....Republicans need a outlet from how the real world works.

3. Ignorant Blonde Talentless Sluts - Makes the world go round doesn't it. Lovely young ladies that it's all about being seen with famous celebs/athletes/musicians..etc. Facebook whores for example.

4. Scott Bakula - HOLY SHIT HE'S BEEN ACTING FOR A LONG TIME. Remember Gung-Ho!



You'll Figure It Out.....

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