Monday, October 12, 2009

Baseball Needs Some Advice: "Less Is More"

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In case you have not noticed, the MLB postseason is underway!!! The problem is judging by the numbers (TV ratings) you are not watching.

Why aren't you (baseball fan) compelled by the Colorado Rockies and Troy Tulowitski's mullet? Why are you (baseball fan) not interested in Jason Kubel going 0-the series? You (baseball fans) are not watching more Chip Caray in the last week than you ever did when he was manning the Cubs broadcasting booth?

For all lack of an actual pennant race this season in any division, I figured when the stakes were raised....then people will watch. Unfortunately the ratings show, that even with a 14% increase in viewers overall for TBS playoffs, the numbers are compatible with Monk (Fridays at 8pm on USA) and ICarly on Nickelodeon.

Trying to find a reason why the numbers are where they are is an enigma. Of the a ton of reasons that may come up, some may bring up the markets where teams are from and some may say there needs to be more day games that way there is less competition among programming.

Could it be that the MLB playoffs are too long?


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