Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bears Fans Need Direction With The Bye Week Blues

sad bear fan.jpg
It's been very interesting over the last week and a half to watch/read/listen to Bears fans while they find ways to discuss their team during the bye week. No matter if you think its too early for a bye or it's at the correct time for this team with they injuries they have, everyone is different how they deal with their bye week blues.

I enjoyed a very comfortable day off to celebrate my son's first year on Earth while watching some football on a new 46' LED Samsung with family members. All the while participating in arguments over whether or not Ben Roethlisberger should cut his hair and if Brett Favre should stop wearing the flack jacket under the purple #4.

However, the conversations over the past week about the beloved have focused on two people who aren't even on the current Bears roster. One being the bearded one Kyle Orton and the other being T.O. otherwise known as Terrell Owens.


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