Friday, October 2, 2009

Who's To Blame.....It's Someone You Might Know

So Chicago didn't finish first, second, or third...but LAST!

The second city in the free world couldn't make it to the final two.  As per my last post here, I was not a fan of bringing the Olympiad and will therefore keep my opinion.  

The decision was...



But was it ever a guarantee that the Olympics were coming to the American coastline....NO.

The real question here after all the tears have been shed, after all the trash is collected from Daley Plaza, after TributoSaurus has played their final encore, is who's taking the hit for this?
Of course the easy targets are Mayor Richard Daley, Pat Ryan, and President Barack Obama.  Almost too easy to point the finger at them and say "You're too blame" for this extremely disappointing day.  However, the real people we need to blame are people who didn't even committed to the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid.  These people didn't sign on and petition for the games.  They didn't go out and lobby, hold a public speaking forum, or even hand out fliers to the general public.

The people who should take the biggest hit are the citizens of this city that were fine with the idea of the Olympics coming to Chicago.

The same people who are fine with the idea that there was going to be corruption somehow someway in the way the Olympics are paid for.  The people who use the excuse about how the Chicago school system has always been messed up.  The people who were OK with bulldozers and evictions and the idea of building sporting venues that will be used rarely if ever once the Olympiad left town.  

The same people who said that those that didn't "Back The Bid" are un-American and anti-Chicago.

You the Olympic supporter are to blame and you will take the biggest hit of all.  The hits Daley, Ryan and Obama take are merely political, but yours is something that I hope makes you look in the mirror and re-think your priorities for the future of Chicago.

You turned a blind eye to the real problems of this city because you thought you could pay outrageous prices to see the opening ceremonies.  You shunned the idea of safer streets with more police because Michael Phelps at the age of 31 could win his 24th gold medal.  

I hope you and the rest of us learn a valuable lesson from this experience.  Let's focus on what makes US better as a city rather than dream big about events that are not needed.  Let's ALL make Chicago the best city in the world where any possible worldwide event would BEG to come to.


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