Wednesday, October 14, 2009

USC/ND Is Just Another Ballgame...Nothing More...Nothing Less

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Ever since I started producing at the Score I've been of the opinion that college football is not on the radar for most people in the Chicago market. This NCAA football year I decided to watch more of the game and with the increased viewing I've found that more people than I originally thought are into the college game.

Although this season seems like a race of four teams (FLA/TEX/USC/ALA) and the rest go by the way-side as well as arguing the BCS standings starting this Sunday, this weekend is all about Notre Dame and USC. The next chapter in the never ending story that is the coaching career of Charlie Weis and the much hyped and small burst Notre Dame team. A team that is so hyped by the national media that even former ND coach Lou Holtz before the season began saw the Domers in the national title game with defending champion Florida.

Since the Irish last pulled out a close OT win over Washington and USC rolled over rival #24 California, these last ten days have been nothing but relentless hype and speculation. Questions about if the outcome will be the last straw for Charlie Weis' coaching career. Questions about Jimmy Clausen and if this is a defining Heisman trophy game for him. Could Notre Dame actually make the national title game if they defeat USC?

For all the hype and speculation, here's three things that WILL happen no matter what the outcome of the game.


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