Monday, October 26, 2009

Calm Down Bears Fans, Nothing Is Going To Happen......

cutler sad.jpg
Embarrassing. Mortifying. Worrisome. Discomforting. Any adjective you would like to use to describe what happened in the Queen City yesterday is up to you. Let's face it, the Chicago Bears did not show up to play. No matter who the player or coach, they all know its a game they would like to forget. This game is the 2009 version of the Atlanta game last season. Simple as that Bears fan, but let's all settle down for a second.

One loss to a good AFC team is not going to mean changes are on the way. Lovie Smith is not going to get fired. Jerry Angelo will stay as General Manager. Ron Turner will still be employed by the Bears. One game means nothing, there has to be a pattern of this type of play for anything to happen.


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