Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear Reader....I Need Some Help! Why Should I Care About The NBA/Chicago Bulls in 2009?

I've made it a goal of mine (sort of a new season's resolution) to watch more Chicago Bulls basketball this upcoming winter. However, like any other resolution I've tried...I'm already trying to figure a way out of it. Now I will admit I am not the biggest fan of the game. Come to think of it my favorite part of the NBA game is watching what Craig Sager is wearing and the last two minutes of a contest. It's just a slow boring game to me with little suspense or build up that I can get into.

After last years' run of the Bulls in the postseason, I really got into the idea of rooting for cinderella only to have my hopes shattered once again by a Chicago sports team. I watched more NBA hoops in those seven games than I did all season long. Of course I have my favorite players which I enjoy following just like anyone else and I am sure you root for the same guys I do.


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