Monday, January 4, 2010

And So Chicago Bear Nation Waits......

Welcome to "Black Monday"

The one day in the NFL where the expected happens around 100% of the time and once in a while a surprise happens. Today the expected happened with Jim Zorn out as well as the entire Buffalo Bills coaching staff and yet most Bear fans are waiting for the "surprise." This is the first year in the last six where Bears fans are waiting to hear the fate of their organization and most hope that it includes the firing of Lovie Smith.

The most debated topic in Chicago sports will finally end when Jerry Angelo heads to the podium to do the best sell job in his tenure as General Manager of the Chicago Bears. Although the season is a total disappointment finishing yesterday with a win at lowly Detroit, the fans are not happy with a 7-9 record and demand change.

So we sit and wait....

What can be gained by firing Lovie Smith?


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