Monday, January 11, 2010

The Cubs Show Why They Think They're The Most Important.....

Although my previous note from last week cites that I do not believe that Andre Dawson "The Hawk" is a true hall of famer, the fact is he did get elected. I guess the ninth time was the charm after all for the "hall of famer."

However what I read today just shocked me. Not as a White Sox fan, but as a baseball fan.

This morning, I read the following post on about the possibility of the Chicago Cubs retiring "The Hawk's" number eight.

I would like you to read this and see if you had the same reaction I had.

"Besides many more thousands of marketing dollars, Dawson has been promised by the Cubs to have his No. 8 uniform number retired if he goes into the Hall of Fame as a Cub, a source close to Dawson said on Sunday."

That sounds to me like the Cubs are putting pressure on Dawson to make sure he persuades the hall of fame to honor him as a Chicago Cub instead of a Montreal Expo. By making the promise that Dawson's number eight shall never be worn again by a Chicago Cub, that is putting Dawson in a position where he need not be put.

If this story is indeed true, shame on the Ricketts family and the Chicago Cubs.


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