Monday, January 18, 2010

Geovany Soto In Shape, Are We Fooling Ourselves Again???

As the Cubs Convention ends this past weekend, the hopes and dreams of many a dyed-in-the-wool Cubs fans have been replenished like they are every year for the last century plus.

Among meet and greets, Q&A sessions, and autographs of legends past and present, its an opportunity for the fans to connect with their heroes of the national pastime.

What also comes with a fan convention is discussion about how the players and coaches themselves spent their time off after yet another disappointing season on the north side. Some go on extended vacations with family to get away from the game altogether and some just continue their routine keeping their focus on the grand prize of MLB. Some guys have new haircuts and some have new wives.

However the talk of the Convention isn't about some new addition to Wrigley Field or the newest acquisitions of Marlon Byrd or Carlos Silva.

Did you see how good Geovany Soto looks?

He lost 40 pounds and looks great....but do we know how he lost the weight is legit?


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