Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mark McGwire Is Not The Only One Who Could Have Taken The Blame Yesterday......

So what did we learn from Mark McGwire's admission yesterday that indeed he took performance enhancing drugs? How did we expand the story about how baseball's biggest black eye in it's 141 years of existence is still lingering in its record books?

Anyone? Take your time.....

That is my point.

Of the hour long special on the MLB Network which featured Bob Costas searching for answers we all knew already, the media and fans learned nothing. So what does this say about baseball and the steroid era?

The notion of innocent until proven guilty no longer applies to Mark McGwire, but then again in the eye of public opinion "Big Mac" was already guilty. What happened yesterday was not done to satisfy the media where they can finally say "WE TOLD YOU SO." What happened yesterday was not done to satisfy the fans of "America's game" where they can finally say "HA! WE KNEW IT ALL ALONG." What happened yesterday was nothing more than another attempt by the media and fans alike to put the blame on someone else besides ourselves.


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