Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fun: The Best Fight Songs In Professional Sports....

A fun entry on a fun Friday while I count down the hours to Soxfest this evening.

One thing about being a producer at a major market radio station like The Score WSCR 670AM is when the big events are going on locally, the creative forces of the city come out. For example when the 2005 Chicago White Sox went on their championship run.

We received tons of compact discs in the mail and .mp3's in our email from local bands/artists creating what they hope becomes the new fight song for that championship team. Tadahito And The Iguchi's version of "Go Go White Sox" was one of my favorites which I spun on the then Mike North Morning Show once per morning during that 2005 run.

Now I came across this track this morning while getting ready for the Mully And Hanley Morning Show. It's a new Minnesota Vikings fight song not composed by some local outlet, but by multi-grammy award winner....Prince.


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