Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Bottom Line Means More Than Winning With The Chicago Bears

Bear Fans!!

We suffered, discussed, debated, and now we know that what most Bear fans did not want to hear. Lovie Smith will indeed be back for a seventh season as head coach of the Chicago Bears. This decision however comes with some changes however but ones that really do not make sense to me.

The Chicago Bears along with keeping Lovie Smith decided to fire six offensive coaches including Ron Turner (Offensive coordinator), Pep Hamilton (QB), Harry Hiestand (O-Line), Rob Boras (TE), and assistants Luke Butkus and Charles London. However the Bears also did fire someone on the defensive side of the ball....that would be Lovie Smith who relinquished his duties as defensive coordinator.

So Lovie was fired, but he is still the head coach.

Jim Zorn anyone??


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