Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Double Standard In This Year's MLB Hall Of Fame Voting....

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Working as a producer in sports talk radio, you get into a lot of conversations about random things in sports. For my entry today I would like to discuss a conversation Dustin Rhodes (Executive Producer Mully And Hanley Mornings) and myself had before we closed out our show today. The discussion was about the probable induction of Roberto Alomar into baseball's hall of fame.

The conversation began because as Roberto Alomar's image flashed on the television screen this morning, it opened the door to the bitter hate Dustin had for the former White Sox second baseman. Dustin told me that Alomar should not be allowed into the hall of fame because of the famous September 27, 1996 spitting incident where Alomar indeed sprayed umpire John Hirschbeck with some hot saliva over a called third strike.

Of course I was the contrary because when I am asked about whom belongs in the hall of fame, I always go to the stat sheet.

However my partners argument dawned a thought on me on my way home this morning.


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