Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chicago Sports Fans Are Not As Die Hard As They Think......

With not too much going on in Chicago sports, one's attention turns to what is going on nationally. All the past few days' news has been all about USC and what is going on with their head coaching position. The only professional football team in Los Angeles of course lost their captain in Pete Carroll and gained their new leader in former Tennessee head football coach Lane Kiffin.

I do not want to get into a debate of whether what happened was right or just. Keep in mind, players leave schools early for the NFL just like coaches change schools for better opportunities. Either way you look at it, the idea of moving on whether your a coach or player is just the nature of college athletics and more so football than any other.

If you are honestly upset that Lane Kiffin left Tennessee (maybe the fifth best job in the best conference in football) for the best job in college football at USC (Los Angeles, endless funding, great location, more exciting football conference, less pressure from fan base, etc.), then get over it.

If you work for Circuit City as a sales clerk and Best Buy comes in with a sweet deal plus you get a free IPod, you would leave to. If ESPN Radio were to come my way with a syndication hosting deal, I love the 670 The Score but adios amigos!

What I was more interested in was the reaction of the fans in Knoxville when they heard the news of Lane Kiffin leaving. Rioting, burning mattresses, and ultimately defacing the cherished "Rock" (photo NSFW) with all kinds of lovely goodbye wishes for their departed head coach. Their reaction was juvenile and un-necessary but let's look at it from a local angle.

Obviously in Knoxville it's all about Tennessee football and that is what they live, breathe, and die on. Here in Chicago we are blessed to have five professional sport teams on top of a few NCAA programs. It's almost an oversaturation of sports here in the "Windy City."

The question is there a coach or player in this town that fans feel so connected and attached to that if that coach/player were to leave, would there be a similar reaction to what happened in Knoxville on the Tennessee campus?


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Phil Castello said...

I don't think so. I've been a die hard Hawks Fan for ever, and I was pretty pissed when Cheli left for Detroit. We did burn some cheli posters and jerseys. I still despise the guy.