Monday, September 13, 2010

Bears Win Over Lions Brings Up More Questions Than Answers......

Game #1

Let me run some numbers past the reading public to illustrate how memorable this game truly was. The Chicago Bears had 463 yards of total offense in yesterday's 19-13 win over the Detroit Lions which was the highest offensive output of the NFL day. The Chicago Bears defense held the Detroit Lions to 168 yards of total offense which was second best in the NFL only two yards behind the defensive efforts of the Miami Dolphins holding the Buffalo Bills to 166 yards yesterday. Looking at these stellar numbers you would think that the Bears absolutely dominated the entirety of the game and rolled over their division foe. Yesterday's numbers from this division tilt may have been great for fantasy players, but they do not begin to tell the story of how the Bears BEARLY defeated the Detroit Lions at the lakefront Sunday afternoon.

The saying "a win is a win" does not apply to yesterday's victory or any other victory for the remainder of the season. In fact if you catch yourself saying that phrase, you indeed have some pretty piss poor expectations for this team.

Here's why.


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