Friday, September 17, 2010

Why The White Sox Need To Move On From Paul Konerko.....

So often in this city we let our emotions overtake common sense, especially when it comes to the teams we love. For example White Sox fans were sad to see the great Aaron Rowand go to Philadelphia not even two months after winning the World Series in a trade for Jim Thome. Blackhawk fans were sadden that Denis Savard was fired four games into the 2008 NHL season and was replaced with a person simply known as "Coach Q." Emotion makes sports important, and what makes sports great but sometimes when we let our emotions get in the way of rational thinking (myself included) it can lead to some horrible decision making.

The Chicago White Sox face numerous decisions this coming off season. Some decisions on personnel, some decisions on management, some decisions that could change the face of the organization as a whole. So many questions need to be answered:

Can Kenny Williams And Ozzie Guillen ever be on the same page again?

Does the White Sox biggest investment recover from an unique injury? (Jake Peavy)

But the biggest question of all is what to do with Paul Konerko with his contract ending at the conclusion of this disappointing 2010 campaign? I hope that the White Sox and the White Sox fans do not let emotion get in the way of what could be the easiest decision they will make this winter.

It's time to move on from Paul Konerko.


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