Friday, September 10, 2010

NFL Will Suffer Losses With A Lockout in 2011....

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Last night was a celebration in many ways shared by millions of people of different classes and creeds. Football is back in business for the year 2010. We all celebrated by getting together with our friends watching Taylor Swift and the Dave Matthews Band ring in the new year of America's current favorite professional sport. We all saw the numerous mentions of the rise of New Orleans since a storm leveled the city, and the inspirational story of how a team beloved by the locals won the first Super Bowl in their history. What a truly special evening planned properly by the National Football League.

However before one snap, one pass, one rush or one kick we were all reminded that football could indeed not be around for our consumption this time next year. In one showing of togetherness, a line has officially been drawn with fans and the sport itself. We as fans hope that the NFL learns from the mistakes of pro sports past.


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