Thursday, September 30, 2010

White Sox Loyalty Outweighs Baseball Common Sense.....

As the Chicago baseball season comes yet to another disappoint close, I feel compelled to express my thoughts (even though it could be old news by now) on the return of Ozzie Guillen. As I stated earlier this year, I thought that if the Chicago White Sox were not to make the postseason that Ozzie Guillen's time as manager of this club had run out. Of course with the news earlier this week we all found out that the meeting of the minds (Kenny/Ozzie/Jerry) had occurred and the decision had been made to stay status quo and have both Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen return in the 2011 baseball season.

While this was met with excitement by many Chicago White Sox fans, I on the other hand was extremely disappointed in my baseball club. For five years now and only one postseason appearance since winning a World Series, the Chicago White Sox have been a disappointment. Year after year of being good but not good enough to make the postseason after reaching the pinnacle of the baseball world in 2005 is frustrating and has taken it's toll on this lifelong White Sox fan.

Jerry Reinsdorf's (who I still consider the best owner in Chicago sports) level of loyalty to his personnel is almost sickening. However as the Chicago White Sox head into the next decade of the new millennium, Sox fans need to ask themselves the question.

"How much longer of mediocre are you willing to take?"


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