Thursday, September 23, 2010

Decision 2010: Keep Kenny, Fire Ozzie.....

Reading an article today on by long time veteran baseball scribe Phil Rogers in which he makes a case that White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams is as much to blame for the White Sox struggles as of late. In the article Rogers points out the numerous times Kenny Williams has gone out and traded prospects for veterans and has failed in building a strong (or at least moderately good) farm system. Rogers points out that Williams trading prospects for vets and bungled, ineffective efforts in Latin America have resulted in one of game's weakest farm systems.

While I do agree with Rogers on some points in his article. I believe if you want to put blame on anyone for the failures of the past five seasons as far as building off a World Series title you have to look at the man running the team. For all the money and prospects traded away by Kenny Williams, the fact is he has given Ozzie Guillen the talent to win the American League Central in four of the last five seasons (excluding the 2009 campaign).

If the White Sox need to make some drastic changes to the front office/management of this team, I think you keep Kenny Williams and show the once coined "Blizzard Of Ozz" the door.

Here's why.


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