Monday, October 18, 2010

The Chicago Bears Not Who We Think They Are....It's Who They Are

"The Bears are who we thought they were!"


So easy to sit back and wait for defeat when a football team is surprising out of the gate winning games they were not supposed to win. We all know the Bears overcame opponents with technicalities (Detroit), bad play calling (Dallas), overwhelming dumb mental mistakes (Green Bay), and just simply a flat out horrible excuse for a NFL team (Carolina) to stand at a record of 4-1 heading home to play back to back games before the bye week. The Bears were not playing great football. The Bears were not dominating teams week in and week out. The Bears were just playing well enough to squeak out wins. All the winning aside as with any team the Chicago Bears flaws are even more glaring week in and week out simply because they have yet to improve on them through six games.

It is not that "The Bears are who we thought they were", it is more "The Bears are what they are." Not good enough.


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